How to use crystals during pregnancy

Preparing to welcome a baby into the world is a beautiful and life-changing experience. It is also a time of great emotional and physical change, and a time when many women are looking for both relaxation and a natural way to treat the minor pregnancy ailments that many mums experience. Crystals are a natural and safe way to enhance the well-being of mum and her unborn child. Care of both mum and baby during the nine months of pregnancy is of paramount importance as a woman is her baby’s conduit into the world. Everything that affects mum affects her unborn baby. By using crystals during your pregnancy you will help to ensure that your child’s experience of life in the womb is a safe, loving and secure one.

Crystal healing is an ancient form of healing which has been recorded over the centuries. One of the oldest records of crystal healing is the Egyptian Papyrus Ebers c.1500BC in which it is recorded that sapphires can be used for treating eye complaints, emeralds used as a laxative and to treat dysentery, rubies used for the treatment of the spleen and liver, and amethyst used for snake bites. Over recent years crystal healing has regained popularity and today there are many crystal healing therapist in the UK. However, although it is extremely beneficial to regularly visit a crystal healing therapists, you do not need to do so to use crystals to enhance your well-being. You can easily learn basic crystal healing techniques and treat yourself to precious relaxation and self healing in a couple of easy steps.

This article will teach you how to be your own crystal healer, allowing you to enhance your experience of pregnancy and to comfort and support your baby’s time in the womb. We will first look at how to choose crystals, how to cleanse them and how to store them, before moving onto how to use crystals. We will then take a look at specific crystals that can be used during pregnancy to ease minor ailments and provide comfort to your growing baby. It must however be noted that crystal healing is not a substitute for appropriate medical care throughout pregnancy but rather is an excellent complementary approach.

How to Choose Crystals

Choosing crystals is a very personal thing and something that should not be rushed. Many people like to hold crystals to help them decide which is for them, some people rely on intuition or attraction, whilst others research and explore the properties of individual crystals before deciding which is the most suitable.

One of the easiest methods to use when choosing crystals for pregnancy is to choose based upon a specific issue that you wish to address. There are many crystals that can be used during pregnancy and the guide below will help you choose the best one for you and your baby.

Cleansing Crystals

Crystals absorb energy from the person who uses them. If the person is using them to address a health concern, whether it is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, the crystal will absorb any negative energy relating to that concern. Over time the absorption of this energy will lead the crystal to stop working and any negative energy that the crystal holds can be passed to whoever comes into contact with it. It is therefore essential to cleanse a crystal thoroughly when you receive one and at regular intervals thereafter. There are a number of different methods to cleanse crystals but two of the easiest are:


Water – this is the best way to cleanse non-porous crystals. You can either place your crystals under running water for a couple of minutes or you can place your crystals into a glass bowl of clean water adding  3 – 4 drops of Bach Flower remedy Crab Apple to the water. Let the crystals bathe in the water overnight and in the morning empty the bowl and allow the crystals to drain naturally. Once they are dry they are ready to be used again.

Amethyst Bed

Cluster/Crystal Bed – placing a crystal on a cluster or crystal bed, particularly an amethyst bed will cleanse and energise it. Crystals should be placed on the cluster bed for a couple of hours where possible.

Storing Crystals

Many crystals are delicate and therefore need to be treated with care. Tumbled stones are the most durable and can be kept together in a soft fabric bag or a wooden box. Crystals that are not tumbled stones should be kept by themselves and preferably in a wooden box or wrapped in soft fabric or a silk or velvet scarf to prevent them from being scratched or damaged.

How to use Crystals

Crystals are very easy to use and techniques can be as simple or as complex as you wish them to be. Below are some of the most effective but simple techniques you can use for self-care.

  • Carrying crystals – the easiest way to use a crystal is to carry it on yourself, for example in your pocket. This allows the energy of the crystal to be with you at all times.
  • Wearing crystals as jewellery – this is another easy way of carrying crystals close to you. Not only does it allow the crystal’s energy to be close to you at all times, but crystals make attractive bracelets and pendants.
  • Placing crystals under your pillow – this method can be used alone or it can complement other methods. By placing a crystal under your pillow you will allow the crystal’s energy to soak into your aura and body overnight when you are relaxed. This technique is particularly good if you are having sleep associated problems.
  • Using crystals on specific parts of your body – specific crystals (such as those mentioned in this article) can be used on specific parts of the body for the best results. In order to benefit from this method place your chosen crystal on the specific body part as indicated for at least 20 minutes per day. If it is not possible to do this practice daily, do it as often as you are able to.

If you are unable to place the crystal in the location suggested, it is just as effective to hold the crystal in one of your hands for 20 minutes per day whilst relaxing. Indeed for ladies 20 weeks or more into their pregnancy, when it is not advisable to lie on your back, the method above is excellent. An alternative to this method would be to wear the crystal as jewellery.

Specific Crystals for Pregnancy

  Ailment Crystal Where to place the crystal for optimum results
Back pain Hematite On the point of pain (early pregnancy)orCarry in a pocket / anywhere below the waist line (for pregnancies further than 20 weeks)
Carpal tunnel syndrome Green Fuchsite Hold in or on affected hand
Constipation Citrine Lie down and place on solar plexus (early pregnancy)orIn pocket around the level of the waist line (after 20 weeks of pregnancy)
Difficulty sleeping Amethyst Place under pillow or next to bed
Haemorrhoids Ametrine Place near to the base chakra i.e. between thighs whilst sitting down.orCarry in a pocket below the waist line.
Headaches Amethyst On forehead, top of head or site of pain.
Heartburn Blue Chalcedony Hold on site of painorCarry at all times
Heightened emotions Rose Quartz Hold over heart for at least 20 minutes per dayorWear as jewellery or carry on person all day
Indigestion Peridot Hold at site of pain
Itching skin Green Aventurine Smooth over the irritated skin. Do not touch the skin rather hold the crystal 5mm above the skin and sweep the crystal’s energy over the affected area
Leg cramps Hematite Hold on site of pain if possibleorCarry on person
Morning sickness and Hyperemesis Yellow Jasper or Green Aventurine Hold on solar plexus  (early pregnancy)orCarry on person continuously / wear as jewellery
Pelvic floor concerns Carnelian or Stillbite Hold on sacral chakra (just below belly button)orWear as a bracelet
Pelvic pain Carnelian Hold on sacral chakra (just below belly button)orWear as a bracelet
Restless legs Bloodstone Carry on person continuously
Sciatica Lepidolite Carry on person continuously
Stretch marks Rutilated Quartz or Peridot Carry on person continuouslyandSmooth over affected area if stretch marks have already developed
Tiredness/Fatigue/Exhaustion Hematite Carry on person continuously
Urine infections Jade Carry on person continuously

In terms of choosing which of these crystals to use, you can either decide using the list of benefits or you can use your intuition. Choose whichever one you are attracted to by sight or ask your baby which one to choose, the answer might surprise you!

These crystals can be used exactly as described earlier by holding a piece in one of your hands for 20 minutes per day whilst you relax.  You can also use any of these crystals, providing they are in the smooth tumble stone or preferably the flat smooth stone form, to gently massage your baby by smoothing the crystal over your bump. This is a great way in which to develop those precious bonds with your child leading up to their birth day.

Crystal healing is a safe, non invasive way in which to treat minor pregnancy ailments. It is also a relaxing and enjoyable method that you can use as little or as often as you wish, although with crystals a little each day is the best way. The benefits for mum include providing dedicated time to relax, getting relief from minor ailments and, if mum has to use medication, crystals are great at relieving the side effects that many drugs can produce. Furthermore, if mum is relaxed, baby is relaxed. If mum is using crystals to help baby feel comforted and loved in the womb then this forms part of a bonding ritual between mum and baby, and bonding in the womb is exceptionally important for baby’s emotional development.  Crystal healing can truly enhance your experience of pregnancy, help you bond with your baby and support your baby in the run up to its birth day.

Please note:

Despite their complementary benefits, crystals and crystal healing are not a substitute for appropriate medical care. If you have a medical condition you are advised to consult your GP or other appropriate medical professional for advice.


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