The top 13 crystals to ease those pregnancy niggles

Preparing to welcome a baby into the world is a beautiful and life-changing experience. It is also a time of great emotional and physical change, and a time when many women are looking for both relaxation and a natural way to treat minor ailments.

Below I have selected 13 of the most effective crystals to help with minor pregnancy ailments and which will soothe and comfort your baby whilst in the womb.


Use for  issues such as difficulty sleeping and headaches.


An extremely useful crystal for treating pregnancy related haemorrhoids.


Use to alleviate restless legs and any blood related issues.

Blue Chalcedony 

An extremely useful crystal for soothing the discomfort of heartburn during pregnancy. It is a very soothing and cooling crystal for the emotions and the physical body.

Blue Lace Agate 

This crystal soothes and cools. It is particularly useful if mum has been experiencing anger or irritability. Also useful if mum is not being allowed, or is unable to, speak her truth during pregnancy and needs to get something ‘off her chest’.


This crystal is beneficial during pregnancy and can help relieve pelvic and ligament pain.

Green Aventurine

Soothes itching and irritated skin during pregnancy.

Green Jade

This crystal is useful for treating urinary tract infections during pregnancy.


An extremely useful crystal during pregnancy for treating the following: Back Pain, Leg Cramps, Tiredness, Fatigue, Exhaustion


A great crystal for treating sciatica, relieving allergies and relieving exhaustion.

Rose Quartz 

The perfect crystal for soothing the emotions during pregnancy and creating feelings of comfort, support and love.

Snowflake Obsidian

Use to treat varicose veins during pregnancy. For optimum results this crystal should be carried continuously.

Yellow Jasper 

This crystal is exceptionally beneficial if you are suffering from morning sickness and digestive complaints.

Please Note: the information contained in this blog is not a substitute for appropriate medical care. Should you or your child have a medical condition you are advised to contact your GP or other appropriately trained health professional.

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