Week 3 -Self love for parents

In Week 3 of our programme we turn our attention to ourselves and learn to practice a little self love and compassion.

The events of week 2 left me with mixed feelings and emotions. I was pleased at the results that my daughter was having. She was definitely calmer and she looked like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders. But. I felt a little dazed and overwhelmed by what she had shared. Was it my fault? Should I have done more than I did? So little of the situation felt like it was within my control. What if what I was doing, essentially alone, wasn’t enough to help her or me or the rest of our family? I was falling into the trap of blaming myself for how she felt and why she’d felt unable to be herself regardless of whom she was staying with.

Thankfully, I quickly realised that beating myself up again would achieve absolutely nothing and goes against all of the good work that we’d done over the previous 2 weeks. Synchronicity came into play too, and on a couple of occasions I heard the old adage that you have to look after yourself before you can take care of others and so I began looking at self love for myself as well as helping my daughter to develop it.

Week 3

For this week of the programme, please continue with the steps you have taken in Weeks 1 and 2 (room cleansing, crystal grids, choosing and using crystals and meditation) but start creating space in your life for your own care.

It’s said that loving yourself is the only thing that can truly solve any problem that you may face in life. When you start to love yourself you feel better, and then everything in your life will start to feel and look better to you. So why then can self-love be so difficult to consistently achieve? And why, you may be asking, should we even bother?


Self-love, how we feel about ourselves, and how we treat ourselves, affects every relationship that we have. Our capacity to love ourselves is a barometer for how much we are able to love others and how much we allow them to love us. But this isn’t all about loving ourselves so that we can love another and they can love us (as important as that is); there’s more at stake. How we talk about ourselves and feel about ourselves affects our physical and emotional state of being. We can’t achieve physical and emotional health if we do not show ourselves love, care and kindness.

So. With all of that in mind and a strong determination to improve the way that I feel about me, I have followed and incorporated the steps below into our programme for Week 3. The steps are based upon the work of Louise Hay and the intention is to follow these steps and make them a part of your life until they become second nature.

Step 1  

I refuse to be critical of myself either when I speak to others or to myself. I chose to accept me as I am.

Step 2    

I choose to forgive myself for any perceived mistakes in my past or the present. All of the choices I made, I made to the best of my knowledge with the information available to me at the time.

Step 3  

No longer will I terrify myself with my own negative or scary thoughts. It achieves nothing productive. From now on I find and use only pleasing, safe, and comforting thoughts and images.

Step 4        

I will be kind, patient and gentle to myself. From now on I will treat myself the way I would treat someone that I really love. I will be kind to my mind too. I won’t hate myself for having ‘bad’ thoughts. I will love myself for having the courage to change those thoughts into loving ones.

Step 5   

I now choose to praise myself as much as I can. I’ll remind myself frequently that I’m doing a great job.

Step 6     

I’ll create a support system around me. I’ll ask close family and friends for help whenever I need it. Asking for help is an act of strength and proof that you care about yourself.

Step 7

I’ll learn to love my ‘negatives’. As I learn new, more positive ways of thinking and being, I’ll lovingly release my old negative ways and appreciate the ways in which they used to serve me.

Step 8   

I’ll take much better care of my body. I’ll learn more about nutrition and exercise and what will work for my specific needs.

Step 9      

I choose to have more fun in my life and to do more of the things that make me feel good about myself.

This may seem like a significant number of changes to make all at once but it will definitely be worth the effort.

Please Note: the information contained in this blog is not a substitute for appropriate medical care. Should you or your child have a medical condition you are advised to contact your GP or other appropriately trained health professional.


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